Linen Origin


In a time of mass production and the constant quest for ‘a bargain’ we as a brand have committed to support the European region in linen production. We align ourselves with craftsman throughout Europe that represent passion in an unrivaled trade that the Europeans have long been masters of. Our commitment is to offer quality. Our commitment is to offer a collection of products that offer durability, exude charm, and the promise of longevity that is guaranteed to make our products even better as time goes on. HMCo linen is an investment.


The HMCo passion for quality is backed by its policy to only source from the best of European craftsmanship. We believe that linen can only reach its potential through professional production. The process’ of spinning, dying, weaving and finishing linen are art forms in their own right and are paramount to producing quality that will last as linen should.


We choose to call ourselves ‘European’ linen merchants not to generalise but rather to encapsulate each country in which we source.  As the HMCo. brand has evolved, we work with varying high quality pure linen yarn producers that meet our standard in varying European countries. We source different yarns to get the best result for each specific product in our range that we design and manufacture. To help you understand, simply work your way through the HMCo ‘sourcing chart’ below:
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Our vision is to stay true to our philosophy.  We describe our products as they are made. We want our customers to buy our quality and strive to produce products with integrity.


The HMCo mantra is to produce the best and to sell it with passion. We place a lot of importance on the way we sell our product as we believe that a good product must be matched by equally good service and representation. As a result we take pride in the wonderful feedback we receive from both our stockists and our clients regarding our sales support. And we are proud to be represented by a group of high calibre, inspirational retailers both in Australia and abroad.

Investing in Linen

Flax is not linen. A good analogy for comparison – Wheat is not Flour, but it is its primary source. It is cultivated to produce many other products such as wholegrain cereal, beer etc. Flax is the raw product that linen is produced from. But like wheat, flax is also cultivated for many other uses. To produce linen yarn, flax needs to first go through a highly specialised, intense and arduous process. And then it needs to be spun. It is at this point it can be now called Linen.  Linen may sometimes be described as being French or Belgian to suggest it is of good quality. But in some cases such linen is produced outside of Europe from exported French or Belgian flax. There are two indicators that can assist with assessing quality. Price point and in some cases a products label. In Australia we are fortunate to have very strict ‘place of origin’ regulations for labeling imports. It is worth noting that it is simply impossible to produce a true French, Belgian or any quality European linen cheaply. And this is true of even European brands sporting a place of origin label based on where a product may be sewn even if the fabric it is sewn from is not of European origin. A cheaper price point in this situation can indicate an inferior flax sourced and woven outside of Europe and simply sewn at the place of origin listed on the label. Quality linen, produced in Europe from plant to yarn to fabric is not a cheap purchase. BUT! a quality European linen will always work out to be the better investment in the long run, because if cared for properly it will last a lifetime and without doubt look even better with age.