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Whilst architecture and design exists all around us, the recent trend of firms sharing their projects with us through the world of Instagram has allowed us to follow and covet some of the most beautiful spaces around the world. In our latest must-follow feature, we introduce you to some of the finest local and international architects, providing a snapshot of their incredible designs.

Vanessa Alexander grew up traveling the world. From a young age, she was influenced by both her international experiences and her mother’s strong aesthetic and passion for collecting art. Vanessa’s portfolio grabbed our attention right from the start. Her thoughtful eye and ability to layer a space making it have a personal touch yet feel sophisticated all at the same time is an art form in itself. Vanessa took the leap and started her design business Alexander Design, based in California,  after working in the entertainment industry. Refocusing, she transitioned into designing and building homes for her family and others. One project in particular, The Serra Barn, a ground-up built in Malibu, began the turning point in Vanessa’s career. The rustic yet sweeping and modern home has garnered significant attention, the foundation of new opportunities for her to show off different aspects and sides of  her design style.

Working with your partner in many cases could be a recipe for disaster but this has not been so for Rosa Coy and George Yiontis who run the highly awarded Melbourne based architect firm, Coy Yiontis. Featured in numerous local and international publications and design journals, their name is renowned as one of the leading contemporary architectural firms.  Although in the realm of truth, the pair are reluctant to call their work timeless or classic but confidently state do not subscribe to fads and trends. Since beginning their practice in Melbourne in 1996, after a decade based in Europe, they have developed a reputation for highly crafted and detailed architecture and interiors of exceptional quality.

Architect Rob Mills developed and deep love for nature early on in life, spending time growing up at his father’s fishing hut on the banks of the Howqua River in rural Victoria. While Rob’s natural default position on interiors is organic and tactile, using  neutral, quality fabrics, stucco that feels like velvet and leather handles, he also has an interiors team who know how to dial up the glamour and work within the specification of their clients. Specifically, this came into play when designing his own award winning home in Armadale Victoria. In February this year, The World Architecture Awards crowned his home ‘Best Residential Interior’ and it is an award that Mills takes very personally, being his own home. Taking a holistic approach to design, his work extends into interiors as well as landscaping, being sure to deliver not just a home, but a quality of life.

Over the years, Martin Friedrich Architects has become an established design-based practice who focus on designing inspiring and functional architecture for high-end residential, multi-residential and commercial projects. Martin aims to design clean and functional spaces, carefully crafting every space he works on with his team to create a harmonious outcome for each client. Working on each project start to finish, allows him and his team to know and understand each and every challenge and outcome while meeting the client’s expectations on every level. One thing to love about Martin’s designs is the innovative ways he uses curves within a space, in particular his development of sculptural free standing staircases which are truly remarkable to view! Be sure to have a look at their Instagram feed and be prepared to be inspired by beautifully designed architecture.


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