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Le Labo – Melbourne

Nowadays, you can walk into any chemist, supermarket or department store and purchase a bottle of perfume. There is such a huge range on offer so what is it that sets one perfume company apart from the other? At Hale, we believe that it has a lot to do with the integrity and ethos of a brand and when we came across perfume company Le Labo, we knew they were the real deal.

Le Labo perfumery first opened in the Nolita neighbourhood of Manhattan in the USA back in 2006. Since opening, they have obtained a cult following and in March 2017, they launched their Melbourne store located in the trendy suburb of Fitzroy. Lucky us!

Le Labo believe that the world should be filled with soulful fragrances and not just more bottles of perfume, and that the future of perfumery lies within the craftsmanship of each individual fragrance. Each scent becomes identifiable as a Le Labo creation, when you pass a person in the street, or share a lift with someone that is wearing Le Labo, you know without doubt where they’ve purchased their perfume from.

When purchasing direct from the Le Labo store, you will not only receive a beautiful bottle of perfume or candle, you get the whole integrated experience. You select your scent which is then blended in front of you and you can have a customisable label attached to each bottle or candle making the whole experience one of a kind and the perfect gift for someone special or just to spoil yourself.

The Le Labo range has over 100 vegan fragrances and are especially renowned for their unisex fragrances, candles and perfumed oils. Their Melbourne store is located at 183 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy and they recently opened their Sydney flagship store at 68 Gould Street, Bondi Beach. Both stores stock the full Le Labo range.


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