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If you’re twiddling your thumbs (or fingers) over the holiday season, it may be the perfect time to begin a new project. Lately we have seen a resurgence in embroidery on social media and not the traditional type, but artists that are creating beautiful stitching depicting social and political messages.  From flowers and landscapes to beads and bags, the detail is wondrous and each with their own style.

Densely layered stitches make this Vancouver embroiderer’s work distinctive. @slow_stitch_sophie “takes it one stitch at a time.” She uses this deliberate approach to create colourful, abstract compositions that resemble a beautiful field of rambling wildflowers.

In 1992 François Lesage, conscious of possessing an exceptional know-how, decided to found his school, the prestigious @ecolelesage. Since then, more than 400 students from around the world, amateur or professional go every year to 13, rue de la Grange Batelière, the historical address of the House. Each one receives a tailor-made education provided by outstanding embroiderers, some of whom work in the famous workshops in the biggest names of fashion.

@handandlocklondon are London’s premier embroidery house providing embellishment services to the Royal Family and top European design houses. The long history of Hand & Lock can be traced back to 1767, when a young Huguenot refugee from France named M. Hand came to London in 1767 and began manufacturing and selling lace to military tailors. Now, Hand & Lock are no longer just craftsmen and women but also teachers and promoters of the fine art of embroidery.

@willemien_de_villiers is an artist and writer who live in Muizenberg, a small seaside village in Cape Town, South Africa. “Sewing by hand demands patience and time. It is a form of meditation. A devotional act. It creates an emotional space to connect with memories, dreams, the day’s news, a friend’s tragedy.” Willemien’s intricate stitching explore the issues of intimate partner violence, gender identity, misogyny and patriarchy.

@michelle.kingdom explores psychological landscapes, creating tiny worlds in thread. Literary snippets, memories, personal mythologies and art historical references inform the imagery; fused together, these influences explore relationships, domesticity and self-perception. Small in scale, the scenes are densely embroidered into compressed compositions. While the work acknowledges the lustre and lineage inherent in needlework, she uses thread as a sketching tool in order to simultaneously honour and undermine this tradition.



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