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Time to get festive: tips for the perfect holiday season

It’s time to get festive and Christmas proof your home.  Here are some tips to help you plan and create the perfect festive season…

If you have guests staying for the holiday season, you can prepare by having additional sets of plush linen towels, linen sheets and pillowcases to make their stay more comfortable.  A thoughtful idea is to have toiletries such as toothpaste, new toothbrushes, shampoo and soap, so guests feel at home even if they forget something. Luxury touches such as candles, lotions and extra towels will give your visitors that hotel feel.  Extra accents such as cushions and throws will also make them feel at home and relaxed. Have lots of pillows available so that they can choose how many they want and an extra throw or linen blanket at the end of the bed or thrown over the arm of a chair, can create warmth by adding texture and colour with minimal effort.

If your holiday involves swimming at the beach or by a pool, packing large beach towels can be cumbersome so having luxurious, thirsty beach towels on hand for your guests will make it easier for them.

A wonderful way to add ambience in your home is to place scented candles & fairy lights around your home, creating a cosy glow while adding a festive mood. Drape doorways, mirrors etc with fairy lights for a twinkling effect. Large groups of candles collected on a tray makes a beautiful centrepiece for the dining or coffee table.

Bringing the outdoors in is a good decorating tip and clusters of seasonal foliage or a beautiful bunch of flowers adds the finishing touch to any room.

Decking the halls may appeal to some while a more minimalist approach is for others. Choosing beautiful but simple decorations creates an elegant, timeless tree and selecting baubles in one colour can have more impact than a busier tree filled with many different trimmings.

It’s a good idea not to wait to the last minute to plan your table setting. Often, we only bring out table linens every now and then and even after washing, you’re bound to see some remnants of your last dinner party lurking on a tablecloth or napkins!  It’s a good idea to launder your linens again and in keeping with the HMCo look, there’s no need for ironing; we prefer a crumpled, lush table with plenty of layering that suggests a relaxed, tactile appeal.

If you have a specific colour palette in mind, you may need to purchase a new set of table linens to create your perfect holiday table.  Whether it be linen tablecloths, runners or napkins, ensure you leave plenty of time to purchase, especially if hosting a large gathering on the day.  You can find plenty of colour inspiration here. The natural texture of linen works perfectly with natural stoneware or contrasts beautifully with finer china.

Planning ahead and taking care of the smaller details, will ensure a relaxed holiday season with family and friends.


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