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Styling a Masculine Bed

We’re often asked by our customers what we feel would be a good choice when selecting linen bedding for their son, boyfriend, brother or partners’ bedrooms.  It’s about finding the right balance between an unassuming generic look and creating relaxed, elegant comfort which your bedroom should provide.  It’s about creating a soft place to land at the end of a long day and incorporating masculine elements that will add their own personality and style.

Ideally, you want something that is easy care and no fuss and linen bedding requires no more than a simple warm machine wash and medium tumble dry. No ironing needed. Long lasting and durable, linen sheets and linen duvet covers are the perfect pieces for layering and creating a relaxed, textural feel that will appeal to the messiest or fussiest of fellows.

Draw inspiration from old paintings, a favourite car, a football team or your favourite bar or hotel when selecting your colour palette.  You’ll find the colour and pattern of your linen will set the overall tone and look of the bedroom. Try using the outside elements for inspiration; if you’re near the beach, opt for beige and taupes or lighter colours.  If you’re in a city apartment with an industrial vibe, choose darker, monochromatic tones highlighted with pops of colour.  Light is very important when choosing colour for your room, and you’ll need to consider which direction the room faces and whether it has a lot of natural light.  All of these elements should be considered when selecting a colour scheme for your bedroom.

Here we’ve selected some colour schemes to assist in decorating your bedroom and creating that hidden sanctuary you’ll love coming home to.


While this timeless, classic combination may seem obvious and at times dull, this utilitarian scheme allows you highlight with a broader colour selection.  Accents in shades of grey can also be blended successfully to soften the look.  Mix in stripes and patterns for a bolder, busier look and add a statement piece such as a large linen blanket for texture and warmth.


Typically considered a masculine palette, blue is often a favourite colour of many men.  The combination of blues and greens is perfect together and often reflect the outdoors adding a natural element to your sleeping environment.  Blues are calming and said to promote sleep and are perfect for the bedroom.  Mixing your solids like Roy and Gras can give a more minimalist & industrial feel while softer hues such as Argent and Fog work together for a more muted and soothing yet still masculine palette.  These colours can be warmed by raw materials such as wood, bricks and leather.


A strong and simple bed in this earthy palette allows you to add bold accents such as orange or green to add vibrancy and colour.  Brown tones can take a room from a grounded, casual feel to sophisticated by adding metal pieces such as a side table, giving it an extra edge.  Highlight with beiges such as Carmel that have a yellow undertone and are warm and soft with while still masculine.

Bedrooms are the hidden sanctuary everyone loves and the need for a well thought out and designed bedroom can make all the difference.


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