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With a focus on the artisanal, our latest must-follow Instagrammers feature some of the finest local and international ceramicists on the internet. From the ethereal to the functional, all are entirely handmade and every exquisite detail is captured on their beautiful feeds.

@kriscoad is a ceramic artist living and working in Melbourne. She has been a practising ceramicist for over 20 years, dividing her time between her studio practice and being an educator.  Kris produces ceramic pieces for exhibition, a translucent porcelain tableware range for selected retail and pieces for commission. Her exquisitely delicate art pieces use elements such as leaves or feathers to create ethereal pieces that are about stillness and silence.

@Dot & co. is a selection of uniquely hand crafted ceramic pieces designed for everyday use and made to last a lifetime. Focusing on pattern, texture and material each piece is made using local and sustainable materials and is hand made in Melbourne. They use a range of ceramic forming processes to create a selection of understated handmade items for the home.

Mike and Mandy are the hands, heart and soul behind @earthandbaker. They are proud to share their passion for hand built ceramics through the unique rustic works created. Texture and design is applied with a variety of fabrics, materials and organic matter foraged from their surroundings. The ethos is to embrace the evidence of human touch by allowing finger prints, creases and wobbly lines to be a part of the hand building process.

After 10 years working as a magazine editor and prop stylist, Michele discovered her passion for clay beginning with a pottery class in a small studio in Brooklyn. Now living in Maine, @elephantceramics makes each piece by hand creating simple, organic forms with a penchant for blue!



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