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Spotlight – Griffiths Design Studio

The finest interior spaces have all elements working in perfect harmony. This gives Gillianne a clear advantage – with a Masters in music, majoring in conducting, the Melbourne-based interior designer creates effortless, sophisticated spaces that are carefully composed and in perfect tune with her client’s needs. Gillianne’s love of music is only one expression of her creative spirit. With a great love of interior design and architecture, it was a natural step for Gillianne to follow this career path, launching her own practice, Griffiths Design Studio, in June 2014. Gillianne’s beautifully composed designs are the result of her immersed industry knowledge and creative sensibilities. Like an orchestral conductor, her great sense of harmony creates only the finest results. A highly experienced team supports Gillianne with skills across design, documentation and delivery of single, multi-residential and small-scale commercial projects.

HMCo: Where do you get your inspiration from?

G: I can find inspiration in almost any place, but as an avid traveller, I probably get most inspired by the sights and sounds of the unfamiliar. I have a real passion for Europe and the historical influences and references that prevail in European design particularly. I am also very inspired by fine art, music, film, photography, fashion and fabrics. For me personally, meaningful spaces are born out of the layers, juxtapositions and common threads that inspire a design.

HMCo: Is there a particular favourite space you’ve designed?

G: I have so many favourites it’s hard to choose! When you’re so immersed in the design process, it’s probably easy to pick the most current project, but if I had to choose just one it would probably be my Albert Park Apartment II project. It was a dream project with an incredibly trusting client. The client was so open to our ideas, particularly around bespoke joinery and custom designed furniture. As a result we were able to deliver a really relaxed, dramatic, handsome home, rich in understated glamour. To echo the spectacular bay views and connect the indoors to the outside, we selected a very moody, but strong colour palette, which I think really worked in this design. But I think what connects me most to a design is the joy and satisfaction that the clients get from living in, and loving their home.

HMCo: Favourite colour palette for the coming season?

G: My go-to undertones will always be hues of grey and charcoal juxtaposed with deep blues and earthy green tones such as HMCo’s Roy and Gras. Combined with metallics like brass and silver spaces become rich in depth, and understated in elegance.

HMCo: What 5 things can’t you live without?

G: 1. First and foremost my husband and family – they are my greatest supporters, and encouragers in everything I pursue. 2. As a professional musician, I absolutely couldn’t live without the inner quiet and relaxation that music brings. Beautiful music and a good glass of red wine, is my idea of heaven! 3. The fragrant glow of a scented candle is essential for me. The scent of Jo Malone’s lime, basil and mandarin candle wafting throughout my house makes it feel like home. 4. Fresh flowers, because they are beautiful to look at and their subtle scent makes me happy. 5. I hate to say it, but my mobile phone! It’s my connection to everything I love – work, family, friends – the whole world really!

HMCo: What do you love most about Hale Mercantile Co linen?

G: Gorgeous, quality linen bedding is the ultimate luxury and I love HMCo’s relaxed, textural look and feel. The pre-washed and beautifully softened linen sheets are perfect for making bedroom spaces look relaxed and effortless. I also really love that the whole range can be mixed and matched – which is perfect for layering up in winter and pairing back in summer.


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