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“I find Mondays are easier if I start working from bed.”

So writes Katerina Dima, a Norway-based stylist whose blog, Only Deco Love, has amassed a legion of appreciative followers in a relatively short time. Originally hailing from Athens, Katerina swapped the sun-and-colour-drenched atmosphere of Greece for the cool, sophisticated Nordic tones of her adopted home, and hasn’t looked back. And with so many slashes after her name, it’s little wonder the architect/interior designer/photographer/stylist and prolific blogger would choose bed over the boardroom for the start of the working week.

Katerina began her blog to document the renovations to her home, situated in a small town of around 6000 people, at the end of a fjord. One look at her beautifully styled photographs of her home interiors will have you reaching for the Glogg and vowing to eliminate all clutter and clashing colour from your environment, in favour of calming, minimalist surroundings. But there’s nothing Scandi-bland about this Norwegian nest; accents of colour pop against a neutral backdrop and Katerina’s trained architect’s eye ensures every item in the room is a seamless blend of beauty and purpose.
Hale Mercantile Co. caught up with Katerina as she was in the throes of renovating her bedroom.

H: Mondays would be easier if you could work from bed. Is that the theme you’re using while redecorating your bedroom?
K: “Absolutely. Usually we are looking forward to weekends because we get to relax and unwind, so why not extend that feeling if possible? Designing for comfort should always be a priority when it comes to the bedroom, whether you only use it for sleeping or whether the bedroom acts as a study space as well, a faction that due to small apartments is becoming more and more popular.”

H: Do you start with the walls and floors and move in from there?
K: “A fresh layer of paint of the walls will always help with refreshing the room, even if it is the exact same colour, so I always start with the walls. When it comes to my bedroom I chose a warm grey for the walls. I decided on a rather dark colour because I also painted the floors white ( the original floor was red/brown.) The white floors will work as a natural reflector of the light that comes through the windows, eliminating shadows that would be previously cast from furniture, creating an airier feel.”

H: Does your environment dictate your choices?
K: “I think moving to Norway has definitely affected my style but while I love cool Nordic colours I also do love something that catches the eye here or there. For example white floors give more space for experimentation; I could paint the whole room a dark shade of blue and it would still feel Scandinavian regardless of the colour choice, but more because of the colour combination, the furniture, fabrics etc.”

H: What’s hot in decorating trends right now?
K: “I think we are seeing more and more natural materials and colours, think warm okra colours or tints of blue or green combined with oak or clear glass.”

H: Do you change your colour scheme to suit the seasons?
K: “I always do! I usually stick with a colour for the walls for a year or two however every other details are always changing. I gravitate towards okra during fall, pale pinks and greys during winter, greens and yellows for spring, while for summer I find that blues fit perfectly.”
HMCo. linen bedding featured in a recent blog as Katerina’s bedroom took shape.

H: What do you like about Hale Mercantile linens and why?
K: “You know, all linens look great, however what I love about HMCo is that apart from the beautiful design and colour range that fits my Scandinavian style perfectly, (is that) they are practical as well. A lot of linens shed no matter how many times you wash them; the bedroom floor can be filled in just one day. HMCo linens do not shed, they retain their colour even when washed in high temperature, feel and look luxurious in any form, from linen towels to bed linen to table linen. Expect to see a lot of linen in my bedroom, from linen sheets to blankets to the canopy above the bed. We talked about how I think natural materials and colours, oak and clear glass for materials are included in hot trends, well linen is definitely one of the hottest right now.”

And in case you’re wondering how any mere mortal could possibly emulate the effortless style that seeps from every photo on her blog, Katerina generously lets us in on the worst kept secret of photographers and stylists.
K: “Our houses are never how they look in the photos. For every great little corner you see on Instagram, you can be sure you can turn the camera around and you will be surprised it is the same house or even the same room. There are rooms in my house as of now that have been the same since the previous owner, so I have to do something about them. The reason I started with painting the floor is exactly because it is part of a bigger project which involves renovating all the first floor, so wish me luck with that! I would love nothing more than to have all rooms renovated and styled, and then stop there and enjoy them.”

On that note, we’ll leave Katerina to her next big project… It’s time for a nap. And the bedroom looks so inviting.


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