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You may still be pondering packing away the Christmas decorations for another year, but the holiday season calls for another opportunity to bring out the baubles!  Not the delicate, trinket variety but big, bold and luscious personal adornments of style. This month’s Instagram ♥♥♥, features our favourite jewellery designers who dare to go ‘beyond the ‘pavé’ and inspire us with their dramatic ornaments, pushing the boundaries to their limits.

@tobias_wistisen was born in Denmark and trained at ESMOD in Paris where he gained his first industry experience working in the design studio of John Galliano.  Handmade in Paris, his work represents a combination of these two influences, taking the high drama of Parisian Haute couture and the anarchistic approach he developed at Galliano, and then applying it to the rigorous functionalism and craftsmanship of Scandinavian design.

Los Angeles based @sophiebuhai‘s  namesake jewellery collection was established in 2015. Sophie has renewed the modernist tradition of solid sterling silver with an emphasis on sculptural silhouettes of substantial weight. Each piece is made by had in LA by master silversmiths using recycled silver to minimise environmental impact.

Jason Ross’s accessories are like no other you’ve ever experienced, a mix of antiquity and a rough-hewn sophistication. With the formal label @artemasquibble, every leather piece is handcrafted and embellished with silver, brass and antique objects, making each piece distinctively unique. Bringing a modern sensibility to ancient finds, Jason considers his work, which includes handmade jewellery, belts and bags, “a celebration of what has been lost.”

During her childhood in Rome, @osannamadinavisconti and her sister would play with pieces of art created for their mother by Lucio Fontana, Mario Ceroli and Arnaldo Pomodoro. The use of crystal, hematite and pyrite in their purest forms is a result of her Gemology studies in New York. The distinctive pieces she creates, however, is a culmination not only of her chosen career but also her personal life: Married to art dealer Giangaleazzo Visconti, she is constantly on the contemporary art circuit, the consequence being mainly international clientele, coming to her Milanese Atelier in search of unique pieces to be sold in the most exclusive stores around the world… or to keep for themselves.



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