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The Wedding Zinger

Spring…such a joyful word. Whether a noun or a verb, it’s a call to action; to throw off winter’s gloomy blanket, take a deep breath and jump feet first back into life again. It’s the season of rebirth, new growth and endless possibilities…and weddings.

Yes, love is in the air and no one knows that better than the wedding planner. No time to stop and smell the roses; suddenly the phone is running hot with requests and every weekend is booked for the foreseeable future. The savvy bride-to-be will put her perfect day in the hands of a professional, who will oversee every minute detail (and there are a million of them between the venue and vows), so that all she needs to worry about is fitting into that must-have dress, and basking in the admiration of assembled friends and family. And if the groom knows what’s good for him, he’ll go along for the (b)ride.

One of the busier wedding planners this Spring is stylist Tori Allen. Melbourne-based Tori Allen Events specialises in tailor-made weddings and corporate events, with an emphasis on floral artistry and table settings. With her army of suppliers and contractors, Tori throws herself into planning the couple’s big day from go to wow; taking the brief and reflecting their personalities through a clever use of colour, innovation and design. Vintage, contemporary, classic, country or quirky; TAE caters to all tastes, with beautiful floral and table arrangements that complement any occasion.

Weddings are the icing on the cake, but TAE is also passionate about industry collaboration, and is regularly involved in creative crossovers such as Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, the NGV Women’s Association Spring Lunch and Trade Show week. The NGV event was a riot of “red ranunculus, delicate blossoms and moody dark succulents”. A corporate do for Officeworks combined “dusty pink napery, copper accents..and natural timber tones” tied together by a mass of natives and soft blooms. The Babescrub stand at Trade Show Week featured jungle wall installations and claw foot baths overflowing with lush greenery. Sketch a theme in your mind, and TAE will colour in the details.
Tori very kindly took time out from her “seriously manic” schedule to talk to Hale Mercantile Co. about this season’s tips and trends.

HM: What are the elements that set your events planning apart from the rest?
TA: “I think what sets us apart is that we do everything in-house from custom design, floristry and full event coordination. A one stop (non-stop) shop! We work with our clients from concept through to activation and have a strong creative language- putting a traditional twist on contemporary trends.”

HM: What is the colour palette this wedding season for table settings and floral bouquets?
TA: “We are looking at a lot of lush greenery, edgy shades of nude, blush and coral as well as colour vs colour with the idea of vibrant cherry reds, against mustard yellows and muted pinks.”
(And because we just had to ask)

HM: When searching for that ideal wedding gift, linen must be close to the perfect idea. Would you agree and if so, why?
TA: “Definitely. I always love the tradition of giving a wedding gift that will be with the couple for years to come, something tangible and something special. Stunning linen bedding is a lifelong purchase and a luxury item – the perfect wedding gift.”

Our thoughts exactly. Toasters and white goods are so last century..and frankly dull.
Get everyone together and spring for gift sets of beautiful linen sheets or table linen in on-trend palettes of Floss, Rosa, Oro, Argent and Melanz. The happy couple will thank you for your thoughtfulness, and remember, style never goes out of season.

Purchase HMCo linen sets for the perfect luxury wedding gift.


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